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Congratulations, you took the first step towards your personal success and completed the CVI™. The CVI is the most versatile tool you can find for improving your individual self-awareness and awareness of others. If you are an employee, business owner or someone who wants to learn more about your core values, the CVI shares how you can positively affect yourself, your friends, and coworkers for years to come.

Are you ready for more?

The upgraded version of the CVI provides:

  • All four of your core value scores and the associated six contribution types.
  • Clear definitions of the core values and the contribution types.
  • Your core value learning style and the learning style of the others.
  • Detailed explanation of your negative conflict strategy.
  • Overview of where you tend to be vulnerable and why.
  • Electronic version of the The Core Values Handbook.

It doesn’t end there. New information and content will be provided to you on an ongoing basis. You aren’t purchasing a one-time upgrade, you are purchasing a membership for continual education and improvement.

Your upgraded CVI report will be available by using the same CVI link you already have. You will receive an email containing your link as well. Bookmark your link, and come back often.


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by Timara
on 8/10/2016
Bank Merchant
A Bankers Core Value Energy Is Knowledge.. Knowledge Is Knowing The Facts Through Research, Measurenent,Proof And Records.
by Jean Holder
on 2/5/2015
It looks like I'm doing the job best suited for me
According to this and according to my core beliefs, I am doing the job for which I am best suited.  My job involves what is apparently important to me, and it is one which is truly enjoy.  I do what I love doing, and it rewards me in the key areas pointed out in this CVI assessment.  I already believed this to be the case; this assessment apparently proves it out.  It was interesting and informative to know that I was right all along and fortunate enough to be in the position where I apparently should be.  It took me a while to get here, but it's good to know that I'm in the right place, doing a job that feeds my core desires, needs and goals and addresses the core of who I really am.  I found it uplifting.  I am curious to know what others' assessments were like and what they said.  I have a feeling that some concentrated on "love," which mine did not.  But mine did accurately respond back with what is most important to me, and always has been, wisdom and knowledge.  Thank you.
by Kevin Fuchs
on 6/12/2012
Terms and Conditions
My core values are that I'm honest, loyal, freindly, and on time. I learn best by seeing how it is done, when there is conflict I will anilize the situation to help them on whats wrong. I'm not very vulneralbe, I want to be a great asset to the comany and will do my best to contribute to Vector Manufactuing 
by Ciara Bland
on 6/7/2012
The product looks very stable and inviting. Just from the description the product looks like it would be able to sell itself in the sense of its complecity .
by Evonna
on 5/31/2012
its great
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