Core Values Index (CVI) Assessment via Experience Results
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Core Values Index (CVI) Assessment via Experience Results
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At the core of each of us is a unique combination of four innate unchanging values: Power (Action and Results), Love (Relationships and Vision), Wisdom (Assessment and Solutions) and Knowledge (Conservation and Information). These core values form the foundation for all of your actions and drive your leadership style.

The Taylor Protocols Core Values Index™ (CVI) assessment is the only assessment that measures your unique combination of intrinsic core values, which in turn determine:

  • What personal and business choices you make
  • How you negotiate
  • How you handle conflict and control
  • How you learn
  • How you respond under stress
  • How you are motivated; how you manage and motivate others
  • What strategic actions you take
  • How you show up and participate in life

Benefits of Understanding Your Unique Core Values:

  • Enhance your leadership influence and effectiveness, in a way that is aligned with your core innate values.
  • Discover your unique values-based leadership style, how you handle communication, conflict, risk, and negotiations.
  • Understand underlying motivations, WHY you and others act in specific strategic and tactical ways.
  • Shift from reaction to highest contribution for increased personal and team productivity.
  • Reduce team stress, frustration and failure. Assign roles and responsibilities based on individual’s core values for maximum success.

Unlike popular personality assessments like Myers-Briggs or DISC which tell you “what” you are, the CVI tells you “who” you are. The CVI assessment has an unprecedented 94% test/ retest reliability rate and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.

To understand specific and strategic ways the CVI assessment can help you and your organization, please contact Experience Results Inc at 503.702.5860.

Experience RESULTS INC

Experience Results Inc
1500 NW Bethany Blvd, Suite 209
Beaverton, OR 97006


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